Monday, April 19, 2010

Nearing the end...

The Spring Semester is drawing to a close and I am very ready for a break.  Internships for some reason have become rather scarce.  Some say it is due to the downturn in the economy.  I just can't see that being the only good explanation.  Simply because the stock market tells me so.  The Dow has closed over 11,000 for a week now.  Some one is making money somewhere...where is the question.

If I had hair to loose it would all be gone.  As I work to complete my final project for the class I dread, piles of mythical hair clump in gobs beside my chair.  It's not that it's so hard or complicated that have a problem with.  It's the fact that it is monotonous and tedious work.  One typo or mismatch in words and the whole thing can be thrown off.  Then you sit and search and stare at code for hours trying to find the error.

I have two final exams this week.  Well, not really final exams, because technically we are not supposed to have final exams early.  So they are "tests".  However, there is the belief among some professors that we should not have any tests or exams the week before finals.  This is so we (diligent students) can be spending the time reviewing, prepping and studying up for the big ones the following week.

Alas, things never go they way they should.   I guess they all have their way of seeing things too, and of course how it really is.  Nevertheless, the test that I spoke of last time, well, I didn't exactly bomb it but 75 out of 100 is not good at all for me.  I expect way better for myself.  Not humbling at all mind you.  In fact it just stood to really tick me off.  It may have motivated me to ace the final though.  I went and spoke to the professor and he was staunchly against my claims that the questions were very ambiguous.  I spoke to the majority of the class and they all felt the exact same way I did.  It did no good and we are all stuck with our lousy grades.

The way I see it, is he should have given points back for the garbage questions he posed.  Sadly he felt that he was justified in giving a crappy test for 4 semesters running.  Unfortunately, thats just how it is.

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