Friday, April 23, 2010

Going Beyond? Well not exactly...

The "Branding" moniker for The University of Pittsburgh at Bradford is, "Beyond".  As in going Beyond to exceed all your expectations in a university.  Well, in my case the ball seems to have been dropped.  I have visited every office I can in attempts to get the recognition I deserve for my QPA and it all my efforts have been met with and successfully blocked by the "Almighty Policy".

As I mentioned before policy states that a graduate must have at least 60 credits and a QPA of 3.75 or better to receive the distinction of Suma Cum-Laude at graduation and on their diploma.  I have a QPA of 3.98 and 54 credits.  I transferred in 11 credits from another college to apply to my current degree, giving me a grand total of 65 credits (only 54 earned at Pitt).

I realize that this degree is an Associates and other degrees are to follow.  I will/should be able to keep up this pace for my Bachelors and I then can put this issue behind me.  I just really feel that this policy is a bit ridiculous and should be waived in this case.  Others at the University feel the same as I do.  I also realize that there is a prestige with a University of Pittsburgh degree and with it comes their policies that supposedly make their degree so coveted.

In meeting with President Alexander today, I was met with the same response as before.  "We're sorry, but we do have to adhere to the policy."  One doesn't become a straight A student over night; I have been working at this fervently for 4 semesters.  One would also think that those in the know would inform someone of the requirements to avoid this tragic situation.  I never once heard of this policy the entire time I have been there.  If I had known, I would have gladly taken the two extra classes I needed to insure I get the credit I deserve.

As this is a University wide policy, I have contacted the Main Campus and am awaiting their response.  At this point I feel lied to and am very disappointed.  The branding moniker of Go Beyond has failed me in my time of need.  Thats just the way I see it.

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