Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oh, how we love dirty laundry. Really?

I have been noticing a growing trend in the social network arena.  It, as of recently, has become rather disturbing.  Not to say that I have not been guilty of such things in the past, but I have overcome the need of such things.  I think more people should.

I have put in my status for the day a reminder of how I feel about his issue.  And,  I am sure there will be people who may want further insight into my comment.  So I thought it best to put it down here.

The title of this installment, I think, says it all.  But, there may be some that don't get it.  And for you, I will spell it out.  What I notice is this: people all over the internet seem to be plastering items in their statuses as a "take that" and "so there" to people they have chosen to jab at.  I think it is a crying shame that people need to air their dirty laundry in a public forum.  Some things are better left unsaid or if they really need to be spoken, put your big boy pants on and say what you have to say to the person.

 I think that putting something out there on facebook for the world to see is still, in my book, backbiting.  Why go behind someones back and air that stuff?  Why not just go to whom you have the problem with and deal with it?  We have become a society of slanderers and are obsessed with making libelous comments about people we once cared about.  Even if you never cared about them, you just had to show some form of respect due to their position.  Continue in that air of respect and think before you speak or type.  It may just save a life.  Now, with all the cyber-bullying, individuals are killing themselves over things like this.

I have to admit I used to be one of those who really enjoyed a good rumor.  That was a long time ago, and even while ingesting that bit, I never let that morsel make my mind up as to how I felt about the person.  I later came to feel sorry for the one spreading it around.  I have since, refused to hear these things about people and have chosen to make up my own mind as to how I feel and not let the opinions of others shape my thoughts.

Some of you may be thinking that I have just recently been wronged in this fashion, and to be honest with you, I have not.  This is just something that has been on my heart.  What's more, I had just read something a friend had posted and I was a little surprised to see it.  I will not mention any more about it, because I would then be contributing to the thing I detest.

Remember to love one another and be the example of how you would like to be treated.  I could go on and on with all sorts of quotes and cliche's, but alas, I will not.

In the mean time, thats just the way I see it and how it is...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall Update

I have to start by saying I'm sorry for my lack of thought provoking (or any) posts at all as of recently.  I really thought I would be be better at this than I am.  I have come to the realization that I am not the best at journaling.  But of course you knew that from the start of this blog.  I suppose when I had more to complain about I was far better at blogging.  I may have to take a different approach to this and see how it goes.

I would like to bring you all up to speed as to where I am in life since August.  I started the semester at the Oakland Campus of the University of Pittsburgh with much apprehension.  Something just didn't feel right about the whole thing.  I knew parking was going to be a problem from the start, but I did not think it would be half as bad as it actually was.  Blatantly obvious point number one: Parking is expensive in any city.  I should have known this and for the life of me, I can't imagine why I convinced myself it would not be a problem.  The Friday before classes I found myself at the parking office to find there were no more parking passes for commuter students.  Honestly, that was fine, as when I found out how much they charge I nearly puked on the lady.  She explained that parking was $350 per semester, and that I would be placed in a lot quite a ways off campus.  To beat that, on days where there are "special events" sports events, etc. I would not be permitted to park in the lot I had paid for!?  I did manage to find some on street parking but, there were restrictions and drawbacks to this as well.

The way I see it, if a student is shelling out $16,000 a year for school they should be able to provide cheaper parking than an additional $700 for that said year.

Like I said, I was uneasy about the semester and all this garbage just kept pilling up making it worse.  As I got into my classes for the week I started hearing a word I have never been to fond of.  What's that word you ask?  Math is that word.  I have never been a fan of math.  I have done well at it post high school but I have never liked math.  Sitting in my Networking class, that I didn't feel I needed to take anyway, the instructor says the class will heavily rely on trig and calculus.  Two math courses I have never taken.  Then in my Java programming class the instructor hands out a math test and says (not to add pressure or anything) "if you do not know trig inside and out you will FAIL this class!".  He also proceeds to tell us that this class is not a "weeding out" class.  Hmm, I beg to differ.  I spent the better part of my summer learning Java so I would be more prepared for this class in particular.  Not once did my online tutorials speak of trig.

After a week of dread and contemplation, I came to the place I didn't think I would ever show up at.  I had made the decision to drop out for the semester.  You can fail at many things, but the moment it starts costing you, say, 16 Grand you have to review your priorities.  I feel I made the right choice.

In the mean time I am going to attend a local community college and brush up on my math skills so that I may be better equipped for the coming Baccalaureate degree.  My goal is to finish my degree at the school I love, the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford.  I was most comfortable there and I got the personal attention I need.

So as the leaves change and our region turns cold I will be caring for our sick chickens and working to buy into our first business venture as a married couple.  My wife has not let this out of the bag yet, so I suppose I should not either.  Some of you may already know this information, as there are a select few who were made aware.  For the rest of you, you will have to wait.

Until next time, that's just the way I see it and how it is...